PATSHALA – A Jute Study & Promotion Center

We are proud of the success and recognition that we’ve achieved with our clients. We pride ourselves on developing practical solutions that drive results in the real world. These solutions span sales performance improvement, learning and development, and technological innovation. Below are just a few examples of awards that we have earned.

BJMC – Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation

Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation started his journey in 1972. BJMC is the single largest manfacturer & exporter of jute goods in the world and fully owned by the Bangladesh Government. BJMC have 26 mills under its control with a production capacity of 881 MT per day and exporting about 1,50,000 MT of different kinds of jute products approximiately more than 120 countries of the world

JDPC – Jute Diversification Promotion Center

JDPC has established a “Govt. Jute Promotion Center” of Diversified Jute Products at Dhaka, Bangladesh under the ministry of Jute & Textiles in 2002  to satisfy the demand of customers as well as the manufacturers for bulk collections of diversified jute products .

BJRI – Bangladesh Jute Research Institute

Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI) is one of the oldest research institutions in the country and works for the purpose of undertaking agricultural and technical research on Jute. In 1951, the Pakistan Central Jute Committee (PCJC) was formed at the place of Indian Central Jute Committee (ICJC) and the Jute Research Institute was established at present place. After the independence of Bangladesh, the Jute Research Institute (BJRI) was established in 1974 through the Act.

KARMAShakti Youth Network 

Green Sense Limited