Patshala’s overview

PATSHALA – a Non-Governmental Jute study & promotion center

The higher demand for biodegradable fibre across the world makes a fresh comeback for the jute sector as people are now looking for eco-friendly products replacing synthetics. Today it has become fashionable to use jute. Jute product manufacturers in Bangladesh are producing diversified jute products. But, due to lack of marketing facilities entrepreneurs of jute sector are facing problems to promote their products. Marketing facilities should be increased for Bangladeshi Jute goods.

PATSHALA is implementing different activities to assist PATSHALA entrepreneurs in marketing their products. In this connection, PATSHALA has working on some different activities like arrangement of local Jute fair, training of making jute diversified goods, publishing the first journal of Jute in Bangladesh named ‘Hirok Kotha’, weekly discussion about future opportunities of jute named ‘Jute Talk’ etc.

PATSHALA adopts a holistic approach to Jute Products development by maximizing the potential of skill-based activities, in as many ways as possible. Located in Banani, Dhaka – Bangladesh PATSHALA draws inspiration from the rich heritage of arts in Bangladesh and brings together various stakeholders, individuals and agencies working in the sector to co-partner in implementing a sustainable development process.

By providing a forum for creative exchange and knowledge creation across research & development, design, management and technology, PATSHALA endeavours to create new avenues for innovation and entrepreneurship in Jute Diversified Products.

An integrated approach to learning, skill enhancement, training and support required for the revival of the Jute sector.

PATSHALA offers full-fledged professional educational programmes for young people who seek careers/entrepreneurial opportunities in the Jute sector. The Institute also co-participates in mentoring new generation artisans through skill-based training and workshops.

Additionally, PATSHALA helps regional crafts people to adopt mainstream requirements of quality and production while also assisting them to meaningfully translate contemporary design/market trends, and issues of standards, certifications and compliances.

Why Patshala?

We’re the world’s leading production line of Jute Diversified products as we’ve more than hundred of  dedicated jute goods manufactures in our member’s directory.  Our large number of product variation would be fulfilling the customer needs by balancing the offering as needed by national requirements beyond resilient .

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more than 100 of manufacturers
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200+ eco-friendly products
0 countries
Export products over 10 countries
0 years
8 straight years as a Jute crafts supplier

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Find out resource based Jute diversified products.
  • Creating entrepreneurs by giving proper guidelines & training
  • Assist to promote jute product in International market
  • To ensure better livelihood along with jute products.
  • To assist better technology and free training to entrepreneurs when needed.
  • Specially encouraged the marginalized and disadvantage women to work.
  • To right of entry in the world heritage and culture through traditional design and motifs.
  • Awareness building by producing jute diversified goods.

Our mission is to innovate, develop and introduce cost effective, space solved and environment friendly products with technological advances. Moreover, implementing different activities to assist entrepreneurs in marketing their products.

Our vision is to revitalize jute craft concepts, introduce new ideas, cultivate visionary leadership and provide inspiring platforms for interaction and exchange. PATSHALA will establish partnerships with organizations and institutions to generate employment and build resources for the Jute industry.

Our client and members are the heart of our business. Our products are innovative as per international market standard. They inspire our customers to create individual environments. And lastly we’re committed to protect, care and create a better world to live.