Jute Yarn/Twine

It is a material which is spun and prepared for use in weaving, knitting, manufacturing sewing thread, jute yarns have single or multiple ply. It is usually bleached, dyed, processed to serve various purposes. Sturdy yarn is usually machine spun and hand dyed. Jute yarn is also available in different colors and compositions. It is utilized for making� jute blended fabrics, carpets and diversified jute goods.

Jute Sacking Bag

Jute sack bag is the most popular hydrocarbon free or Vegetable Oil Treated (VOT) and environment friendly packaging solution for agricultural industries.

This jute sack bag specially made for agro based industries and has no contamination with hydrocarbon and free from kerosene and petroleum oil. This jute sack bag also popular as jute burlap bag/ Gunny bag etc.

Other Traditional Goods

VOT Jute hessian bag, VOT jute sack bag, jute hessian cloth, jute twine, jute yarn, jute canvas, jute silver, jute webbing, jute sand bag, jute military bag, small coffee bag etc.