Floor covering

From the conventional carpet backing cloth, jute has moved up the value chain and is being used to make attractive floor coverings. Consumer preferences is also shifting away from synthetics to natural floor coverings. Jute woven and piled/tufted carpets have found a nich market. A traditional jute mat known as “Sataranji” has also received much acclaim from the consumers and has a large market potential.

Interior Design

Several decorative items, toys, wall hanging, paper, decorative bags, table lamps, furniture and many more is made from jute fabrics


Table cloth, cushion covers, sofa covers, bed covers, curtain cloth, table mats, prayer mats, napkins, aprons, blankets etc. are made of jute o jute in combination with other textile fibers. Jute handicraft items are attractive products, produced from jute fiber, yarn and fabric. Some attractive items are candle holders, hand bags, jewelry boxes etc.