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Jute is often called “The golden fibre”. Being derived from a plant, jute is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. The production and the use of jute has little effect on the earth’s energy resources. In short jute is Eco-friendly, durable & strong fibre being it’s a shopping, packaging or fashion accessories jute has caught on in the world market.

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Patshala Production Lines

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Corporate Jute Goods

Manufacturer & exporter of Jute executive bag, file folder, tissue box, key ring, diary, calendar,  basket etc.

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Traditional Jute Goods

Jute hessian bag, sacking bag, hessian cloth, nursury cloth, jute yarn, twin, canvas, food graded bag etc

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Diversified Jute Goods

Jute shopping bag, burlap bag, laundry bag, wall hanging, show piece, braided rug, table & floor mat, hat, ladies bag etc

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Decorative Jute Fabrics

Fine jute fabric, jute union, jute canvas, jute cotton (Juco), multi color dying Juco fabrics, printed canvas etc.

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Jute Decorative Items

Bags, baskets, coasters, cushions,, placemats, plant hangers, pouffes, rugs, stools, throws and much more.

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